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St. Patrick’s Day

by Womens Recovery Center

March 11, 2019

For St. Patrick’s Day limericks encourage us to consider the pranks played by leprechauns, pots of gold and of course rainbows.

  • The day only comes once a year

  • To wear green, see parades and say, “Cheers!”

  • Just don’t over imbibe

  • Why not liberate a Life and

  • Donate the price o’One Green Beer!

The Women’s Recovery Center’s Liberate a Life Campaign has used St. Patrick’s Day as a platform to increase awareness of the impact of binge drinking and alcohol dependence for women. It is hard to believe, but an estimated 13 MILLION pints of Guinness are consumed around the world on St. Patrick’s Day. That is enough beer to fill 60% of the Empire State Building!

Although men are more likely to drink alcohol and drink in larger amounts, gender differences in body structure and chemistry cause women to absorb more alcohol, and take longer to break it down and metabolize it. Upon drinking equal amounts, women have higher alcohol levels in their blood than men and the immediate effects occur more quickly and last longer. These differences also make women more vulnerable to alcohol’s long-term effects on their health.

Donate the price o’One Green Beer and help support our work at the Women’s Recovery Center.

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