Program & Services

We are dedicated to addressing the needs of women affected by substance use disorder and trauma. Our team provides opportunities for women and their families to take back control over their lives:

 physically, emotionally, and economically.

We strive to have an open environment inclusive of cis and trans women and non-binary people comfortable in a space centered around the experiences of women. We also pride ourselves on creating a space that incorporates cultural humility by welcoming various identities, races, and ethnicities.

Women’s Recovery Center is a unique place. We utilize a gender-specific, holistic, trauma-integrated approach to treating substance use disorder and integrating physical health, emotional healing, and family reunification. We recognize the disease as a chronic illness that needs lifelong maintenance. Our welcoming, beautiful space with individualized care is a great combination to help our clients through the recovery process. Our clients that walk through our doors know they have found not just a treatment center but a home to walk through the recovery process. 

The women who enter our doors are complex and have faced multiple traumas contributing to their substance use. Using a trauma-integrated model, our addiction counselors help clients learn about their disease, how it developed, and how to cope in a sober environment. Our graduates develop life management skills, parenting skills, and an overall sense of independence and self-sufficiency.


Women’s Recovery Center provides treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay for services. Fees are on a sliding scale, with most clients asked to pay nothing. Medicaid is accepted and covers the total cost of services.


Our Treatment Approach

  • Initial screening

  • Intake and assessment processes

  • Development of an Individual Treatment Plan

  • Case management/completion of needs assessment

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

  • Outpatient Relapse Prevention/Parenting Education

  • Outpatient Aftercare

  • Discharge Planning

Assessment & Planning

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Initial Pre-Screening

First conversation to initially assess your readiness for intensive outpatient treatment and gather information to prepare you for the assessment. You will be informed of the process if more detail.

In-person or Phone 

Estimated time
15-45 minutes

Intake & Assessment

Assessment to confirm intensive outpatient treatment is right for you and provide a substance use disorder diagnosis. 

Please bring your ID, Medicaid information, names of other current providers or case workers.

In-person Appointment

Estimated time
2-3 Hours

Development of
Treatment Plan

Phase III is an eight-week program, meeting once per week. The focus is on building support networks for continued sobriety through self-discovery and journal writing. Once clients graduate from the WRC they are honored at our annual graduation.

In-person Appointment

Estimated time
1-3 hours

Case Management

Phase III is an eight-week program, meeting once per week. The focus is on building support networks for continued sobriety through self-discovery and journal writing. Once clients graduate from the WRC they are honored at our annual graduation.

In-person Appointment

Estimated time

Multiple Communication

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our Intensive Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment is certified through the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

Phase I

Intensive Outpatient Treatment
( IOP )

Phase I is a four-week program, meeting three times weekly. The curriculum focuses on the disease concept, defense mechanisms used by addicts, denial, and a greater understanding of the consequences caused by their use and behaviors.

Phase II

Relapse Prevention
( OP )

Phase II is a five-week program, meeting twice weekly. The client creates a relapse prevention plan and gains knowledge, positive coping skills, and responsible and sober life management. In Phase II, clients are encouraged to participate in a five-week Parenting Class to prepare to be a clean and sober parent as the family engages in reunification

Phase III


Phase III is an eight-week program, meeting once per week. The focus is on building support networks for continued sobriety through self-discovery and journal writing. Once clients graduate from the WRC they are honored at our annual graduation.







Outpatient Treatment Benefits

As an outpatient, you will have access to other services we offer as part of your treatment. We promote a well balanced and healthy life.

Family Counseling

Addiction extends beyond the client. In a family dealing with addiction, each member is affected by the growing dysfunction of the dependent person and judgement from their communities.

This therapeutic intervention assists the family of the dependent person to understand their feelings and roles in the family for reunification and to rebuild trust.

Nutrition & Exercise

The Ohio State Extension Service has incorporated a nine hour nutrition segment within the curriculum.
Nutrition is imperative to reduce cravings and to replace vitamins and minerals lost during periods of
active addiction.


Treat our recreational room like your personal gym! The exercise equipment is also open and encouraged for our clients to use during our open hours.

Health Education

Care Alliance offers on-site health education forwomen engaged in treatment. Care Alliance also provides HIV/AIDS on-site testing and pre- and post-counseling.


Clients who are diagnosed with opioid addiction can be referred for Medication Assisted Treatment.

Our Approach

Childcare Services

Lack of safe childcare is the number one barrier
that women face in seeking addiction treatment.

On-site childcare is provided for the mothers engaged in the treatment program who have custody of those children. The on-site care is available for mothers while attending treatment services for their infants beginning at two weeks to
children thirteen years old.

Donation Closet

Our Clothing Closet is filled with gently used clothing for clients and includes all weather wear and work attire. Clients also have access to regular donations of children's items, hygiene products, and snacks.

Peer Support

Maybe  something like you will again trusted relationships with people that have no angle and only want to see you succeed. From addiction life style, this may feel like a breath of fresh air. The possibility of losing people you once cared for will exist, but know that people come into your life for a reason and the road to recovery leads to growth that not all relationships are wiling to work for, t no fault of your own.


Once you start the program, we commit to seeing you through to recovery. Completion of the program is commenced with our graduation ceremony to celebrate you dedication to a healthier, happier, and thriving lifestyle.

graduation .png

This a very special moment for us as it is for you.

We host a graduation ceremony with all your friends and family who have supported you to celebrate all the hard work and dedication you put forward to achieve recovery,

"Comparison is and will always be the thief of all joy."

– Lisa Nichols

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We Support a Complete and Healthy Life
for our entire community

Additional Services

Parenting Classes

Classes are open to the public for $100 a person
or $150 per couple.


The classes include:

   Parenting While Using: How It Affects Your Children
   Parenting Clean and Sober

   Building Relationships after Abuse and Addiction

   Your Kids and Addiction
   Checks and Balances

   How Are We Doing?


Alcoholics Anonymous

Every Wednesday at 6pm.

Open to the community, free to join.

Walk-ins and mandated attendance are always welcomed.

Practical Parenting Classes

The Women’s Recovery Center offers a five week Practical Parenting Class facilitated by a licensed therapist. The classes meet on Fridays from 9:30am to 11:30am. Charges for the Parenting Classes are $100.00 per person or $150.00 for a couple. The curriculum includes:

We provide three-stage, comprehensive substance use disorder (SUD) treatment programs.

Parenting Class 1 - Parenting While Using

Parenting Class 2 - Development: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social (PIES)

Parenting Class 3 - Building Relationships after Abuse/Addiction

Parenting Class 4 - Your Kids and Drugs/Alcohol

Parenting Class 5 - Checks and Balances