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Donor Impact

All monetary donations make a positive impact on the lives of the women and families we serve. Our primary revenue source is Medicaid reimbursement. We also provide charity care, so we are always in need of financial contributions.


Contributions support building maintenance, administrative expenses, bus passes, donations, and onsite childcare. Most importantly, your dollars benefit our treatment programming for substance use disorder and address our clients’ other needs. WRC appreciates every donation. All forms of support lead to assisting our women in achieving the goal of life-long recovery.

We will also need the funds for expanded programming and expenses to meet the needs of the growing underserved community that we are here to help. The direct impact of the Women’s Recovery Center’s expanded programs will:

  • Increase the staffing capacity to serve 120  women and families at a time. Total capacity includes morning, afternoon, and evening programming.

  • Introduce expanded transportation utilizing UberHealth/Lyft and, in the future, a van for transportation to all services.

  • Expand programming to increase the continuum of care to include a full range of behavioral healthcare as a part of a dual-diagnosis continuum of care.

  • Reach our clients through community outreach events and materials.

  • Continue to evaluate programming and strive for excellence in service delivery.


See where your donation impact and more on our plans here in our annual report.

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