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Become a WRC Board Member

We are actively seeking good people to become board members to serve our worthy cause. This is an opportunity to enrich your career through networking with like-minded people. It also provides the means to add noteworthy experience to your resume. More importantly, by joining our executive team you will be giving back to a population that needs assistance. We are doing all we can to help these folks and welcome your support in achieving the goal of healing the opioid epidemic.

Board Member Testimonials 

“I am very proud to serve on the Women's Recovery Center's Board. The fight against substance use disorder is very near to my heart and I have seen the impact first hand that it has on people and families. Substance use is devastating on so many levels and impacts everyone around the user. Women have such unique needs in this area, especially women who have families that depend on them. Part of what drew me to WRC was the focus on those unique needs of women and removing the barriers that get in the way of recovery.”

Mary Kimberly
Grand Rounds

“Why are we a trusted partner in the fight against SUD? Because the Women's Recovery Center serves clients irrespective of their ability to pay and, better yet, its counsel is organized operationally to engage clients within 24 hours of any plea for help.”

Jim Kenny
Evergreen Business Communications

“The Women's Recovery Center is a very necessary and specific community of healing on the Near West Side of Cleveland. All recovery is important, but gender specific treatment for women, often single mothers, is critical for the health of our most vulnerable population. I have served on the Board of Trustees for over 5 years, and continue to support the organization because of the excellent, caring staff, the robust volunteer network, and the supportive, active Board. Reach out to us, and see how you can help women recover!"

Mark Schroeder

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