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How to Seek Help

by Womens Recovery Center

November 6, 2018

Far too often family members and friends of addicts are uncertain how to seek help for someone that is in a spiral of active addiction. For family and friends there can be a feeling of desperation to make a difference.

We often look towards courts, probation officers and social workers to make those referrals, but the truth is that family members and friends may witness the behavioral changes that are occurring before there are any consequences that would mandate a women to seek a treatment program.

Here are some of the behavioral changes that family and friends may witness that suggests that there may be an addiction issue.

Possible indications that your teenager or other family member is using drugs include:

  • Problems at school or work — frequently missing school or work, a sudden disinterest in school activities or work, or a drop in grades or work performance

  • Physical health issues — lack of energy and motivation, weight loss or gain, or red eyes

  • Neglected appearance — lack of interest in clothing, grooming or looks

  • Changes in behavior — exaggerated efforts to bar family members from entering his or her room or being secretive about where he or she goes with friends; or drastic changes in behavior and in relationships with family and friends

  • Money issues — sudden requests for money without a reasonable explanation; or your discovery that money is missing or has been stolen or that items have disappeared from your home, indicating maybe they are being sold to support drug use.

The Women’s Recovery Center is a unique outpatient environment. The treatment programs are available with morning or evening hours and only treats women. Women often experience one or more traumas that alcohol and or illegal substances allow her to simply feel normal. If you suspect that a friend is struggling with addiction, there is an online quiz on the WRC website. Please allow the WRC support your family to develop an individualized plan to Treat Addiction and Liberate Lives.

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