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Hands of Golden Touch

by Womens Recovery Center

October 23, 2017

There is often a common and consistent theme as the staff and clients eagerly await our movement from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of this construction project. Yolanda, a Licensed Massage Therapist, generously gifted the staff and clients with a 15-20 minute chair massage on a day that everyone needed relation and some self-care. Yolanda is in private practice at the Hands of Golden Touch.

Yolanda’s generosity was an even larger gift. Yolanda successfully completed the Women’s Recovery Center’s treatment program and has celebrated more than 12 years of sobriety. With Yolanda’s permission, she allowed us to share that she was admitted to the Center when she was 25. Addicted to alcohol, on probation and trying to raise a young child, she knew that her drinking was a huge problem in her life and she desperately wanted to change. The Center was close by her home and most importantly provided on-site childcare so she could bring her son with her to treatment. Working with Pam Bouyer, her Counselor, she was able to integrate recovery into her life and take control of her future.

She became a massage therapist because of her desire to help people. “I always knew that I wanted to work in the medical field and I love being able to help people better deal with their pain,” said Yolanda. Recovery is still front and center for her, as she continues her sobriety, participating in AA, going to meetings, and sponsoring other women in need. Yolanda said that AA keeps her sane and helps her work on areas of her life that she would like to change. When asked what she tells women who are trying to get sober she replied, “Don’t expect it to happen all at once. It is a process and reaching out to sober friends, family and people in the program will get you through!”

Thank you Yolanda for your gift and for allowing us to share your journey.

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