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Defeat the Cassidy-Graham Act

by Womens Recovery Center

September 25, 2017

Please call your Senators and urge them to defeat the Cassidy-Graham legislation. Each version of the replace and repeal efforts by Congressional leaders further marginalizes Ohio’s most vulnerable citizens. If the Cassidy-Graham Act were to pass, up to 700,000 Ohioans are at risk of losing access Medicaid expansion without any replacement. In addition, 200,000 Ohioans are currently accessing healthcare through the exchanges. Without the exchanges and Medicaid Expansion 900,000 families will lose access to affordable healthcare resulting in a $9 billion dollar Federal funding cut to Ohio.

How does the Cassidy-Graham Act impact the Women’s Recovery Center? According to a Harvard study, more than 220,000 Ohioans with addiction or mental health disorders now have coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Ohio and the Women’s Recovery Center are continuing to confront the opioid epidemic. This year in Cuyahoga County, it is anticipated that more than 800 fatal accidental overdoses will occur through year end. Graham-Cassidy does not include any additional money to combat the opioid crisis.

Senator Cassidy assured Jimmy Kimmel that future efforts of healthcare reform would pass the “Jimmy Kimmel test” to meet the healthcare needs of his son born with a heart defect. As individuals contact their Senators consider the following aspects of the bill:

  1. No protection from pre-existing conditions

  2. Increased premiums negate the argument of accessible and affordable healthcare

  3. Cuts $12 million or more from the Ohio School program for children with development and special care needs

Here is what the experts are saying:

  • The American Medical Association said, “We believe the Graham-Cassidy Amendment would result in millions of Americans losing their health insurance coverage, destabilize health insurance markets, and decrease access to affordable coverage and care.”

  • AARP said the bill, “would result in an age tax for older Americans who would see their health care costs increase under this bill.”

  • The Children’s Hospital Association said, “This bill would have devastating consequences for children and families.”

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