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Miracle Makers

Thank you to our Miracle Makers!

This page is updated January of every year and honors the previous donors from the past year. We are so grateful for the generosity of our donors and the community. Thanks for allowing us to continue our vital work of treating addiction, liberating lives.


$25,000 – $49,999

  • IBEW Local 3

  • Rubbermaid


$10,000 – $24,999

  • Cleveland Foundation Rapid Response

  • Creekside Auction Gallery

  • Doll Family Foundation

  • George Gund Foundation

  • Greater Cleveland Community Shares

  • Kathleen Ode


$5,000 – $9,999

  • BVU/Encore Fellows Program

  • Eaton Foundation


$1,000 – $4,999

Chelko Consulting Group

Dennis Gartland

Indoe Painting

Industrial Manufacturing Company LLC

JP Compass

Charles & Rita Maimbourg

Combs Landscaping

Old Stone Church: Mission Uban Wellness Committee

JP Compass

Charles & Rita Maimbourg

Jennifer Novick

Dave and Lisa O’Brien

Sherwin Williams Women’s Club

Loretta Stanton

Halle Tecco

Tucker Ellis

Willis Towers Watson


$125 – $999

Cassondra Agozzino

Teresa Andreani

Tim Angbrandt

Mary Baldwin

Timothy Baker

Dave and Nicole Barry

Jennifer Bell

Bensan Jewelers, Inc.

Aditi Bhatt

John Braddock

Peg Breetz

John Butchko

Karla Caton

Nancy Chawla

Krissy Clutterbuck

Rita Daar

Adam Daugherty

Kim & Ron Disch

Asher Diaz, in honor of Juan Rivera

Ann Donegan

Evergreen Business Communications

Laura Schneider

Cindy Schumacher

Marianne Simpson

Lauren and Thomas Skinner

Michael Ranttila

John & Stacey Reid

Minden Sminchak

Kathleen Stebelski

Shaylor Steele

Studio 6A

James Sweeney

Joan Synenberg

Joann & Gary Szelagowski

Scott Tennant

Wells Fargo Foundation

Christine Willis

Renee Yurick

Lynee Zarzycki

Susan Tarry, Bill Ayars, & Judge Donna Congeni Fitzsimmons

Kim Sark

Eugene Sasso

Thomas Handyman Lopez

Terry & Bob Luria

MB Dynamics

Sean McGillicuddy

Marathon Petroleum

Lynn Mohl

Kevin Moore

Barbara Nitzsche

Kathleen PilchJames and Natalie Pshock

Linda Fadel

Exterra Landscaping

Diane & Anthony Foos

Mary Frank

Ellen Gallagher

Therese Gallagher

Laura Germaine

Jamal and Rob Hanna

Blair Hollowell

Dan and Nicole Inman

Milli Jimenez

Kimberly & Charles Jones

Bradley W. Kapcar

Jessica Kahn

Jim Kenny

KeyBank Foundation

Mary Kimberly

Brad Kostka

Cece Kysela


Rita Laurenzi

Brian Rhodes

Samuel Ryan

Allison Santho

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