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Treating Addiction,

We are dedicated to addressing the needs of women affected by substance use disorder and trauma.  


Our team and intensive outpatient programming provide opportunities for women and their families to take control of their lives – physically, emotionally, and economically.

Welcome to the 

Our Mission

The mission of the Women’s Recovery Center is to serve women and their families by providing comprehensive substance use disorder treatment, prevention, and education programs that are client-centered, family-based, and recovery-focused.

Women's Recovery Center


Open 9am-5pm

Walk-Ins Welcome 

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Call 216-651-1450

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In all programs, treatment planning includes:

  • Individual & Group Therapy

  • Trauma-informed Therapy

  • Case Management

  • Parenting Classes

  • Peer Support

  • Medication-assisted Treatment (connecting if necessary)

  • HIV/STD/STI Education

  • Safety Planning

  • Art Workshop & Music Therapy

  • Nutrition & Integration of Physical Health

Ask about transportation to
come in to the center.

Free bus passes for our
to access treatment

Clients also have access to our recreational room with exercise equipment and regular donations of clothing, children's items, hygiene products, and snacks.

Referrals are welcomed by anyone, including yourself!


Partnerships include LegalWorks (onsite legal help), Ohio State Extension (nutrition classes), Care Alliance (HIV education), and BioSphere (trauma education).


Our main referral partners include other treatment agencies, the Department of Children and Family Services, local courts, and local probation departments.

 emotional healing 

 on-site childcare 

 physical health



 family reunification 


 personalized treatment


 alcoholics anonymous 



A unique place for women to get support  for addiction

Our Services
& Programs

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The women who enter the doors of the Women's Recovery Center are

always treated with dignity & respect.

We recognize substance abuse disorder as a chronic illness that needs lifelong maintenance.

Our Approach

Our welcoming, beautiful space with individualized care is a great combination to help our clients through the recovery process.  Our clients that walk through our doors know they have found not just a treatment center but a home to walk through the recovery process. 

The women who enter our doors are complex and have faced multiple traumas contributing to their substance use. Using a trauma-integrated model, our addiction counselors help clients learn about their disease, how it developed, and how to cope in a sober environment.


Our graduates develop life management skills, parenting skills, and an overall sense of independence and self-sufficiency.


Women’s Recovery Center provides treatment for all women regardless of their ability to pay for services. Fees are on a sliding scale, with most clients asked to pay nothing. Medicaid is accepted and covers the total cost of service.

Get Involved with WRC

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Are you interested in helping the Women’s Recovery Center?

Opportunities for staffing, volunteering, joining the Board of Directors, and internships

We Want You To Succeed 


“I hit Rock Bottom in an extremely hard and tough manner, but by doing so it allowed me to use those pieces of my life. I’m learning how to build those pieces into a solid foundation that will get stronger and stronger and help me to grow into not the person I was before, not the person I am now, but the person I truly want to be.”

– Former Client

“When we come into Recovery, we start off on a new path. Then, as addicts, we decide between two paths. Do we want to stay on the old path that seemed not just easy, but routine and comfortable? Or try to stay on this new path that
seems rocky, brand new, and we do not know where it may lead? Through my sober programs, I am determined to stay on my new rocky path, because it is teaching me to deal with myself as new and the world as new. With the strength we build and the tools we learn, we can learn to deal with anything head on and know that we will be okay and safe in the end.”

– Former Client 

“The IOP program is wonderful and I truly enjoy coming and look forward to it every single week. My counselor, Ms. Carol is sweet, caring, and encouraging and I am so incredibly happy that she is guiding me in my recovery. She, as well as everyone at the center, honestly wants to see every single one of us girls recover successful. I could not say anything better about this program and the employees there.“

– Former Client 

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