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Public Health Emergency

by Womens Recovery Center

October 27, 2017

Our hard work may be paying off. On Thursday, the Trump administration officially declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency. This declaration is an important first step. This declaration falls short, however, of declaring a National State of Emergency to designate Federal relief funding. Each day in the United States 100 women, daughters, mothers and friends are losing their battle and succumbing to the disease of addiction. Ohio in the last two years remains as the ground-zero in the per capita rate of fatal overdoses.

Unlike most other chronic medical illnesses, substance use disorders carry a negative connotation that distorts shame and grief. Years of misconstruing addiction have heavily fueled this public health crisis. But now, the Federal government must follow through with bold actions to immediately start saving lives and reversing these trends.

The Women’s Recovery Center is working to implement real solutions to treat this public health crisis in Northeast Ohio. Our vision to reconfigure our facility, doubling our capacity to provide addiction treatment for women and their families. With this reconfiguration, the Center will implement Treatment on Demand. The Center is rolling out a new ambulatory non-medical detoxification model that will concentrate on developing very light therapeutic interventions, proper nutrition and hydration, and integrated physical healthcare in order to address the shortage of detoxification beds for women.

The Women’s Recovery Center is a proponent of using Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to reduce the effects of the detoxification process. This improves the overall treatment outcomes and reduces the risk of accidental fatal overdoses during that critical period of early sobriety.

The Women’s Recovery Center also is engaged in advocacy to encourage Federal legislation that has been approved by Congress and signed into law to have funds allocated to fully implement the legislation to treat this public health emergency. The Center continues to monitor healthcare reform measures to protect individuals diagnosed with a substance use disorder from being stigmatized and labeled with a pre-existing condition.

Please lend your voice and support to continue our efforts to save lives and families.

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