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Parenting Classes

Parenting Class 1 - Parenting While Using

Avoiding, Enabling, Keeping Secrets, Controlling, Making Promises, Causing Family Shame, Emotion, Sexual and/or Physical Abuse and Instability. Parenting Clean and Sober: Active Parenting, Responsibility, Setting Clear and Appropriate Limits, Enforcing Limits, Appropriate Consequences, Expression of Feelings and Stability.

Parenting Class 2 - Development: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social (PIES)

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Erikson’s Stages of Development. Expectations and Age Appropriateness, Skills for Establishing Positive Behavior as a Clean/Sober Parent, Understanding the Child’s Behavior, Awareness, Encouragement, Teaching Responsibility, Modeling Good Behaviors.Discipline: Appropriate Consequences, Responsibility, Allowing Kids to Make Mistakes.

Parenting Class 3 - Building Relationships after Abuse/Addiction:

Trust, Honesty, Respect, Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance.Communication: Avoiding Mixed Messages, Listening, Verbal/Non-verbal Cues, Expression of Feelings.

Parenting Class 4 - Your Kids and Drugs/Alcohol

When are they using? How do they find out about drugs and alcohol? How do genetics play a part in my child’s life and possible use? What does the future hold for them? Physical and Psychological Effects.

Parenting Class 5 - Checks and Balances:

How Are “We” Doing? Creating the Family Spirit, the Family Counsel, Affirmations.

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