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 Newly Renovated Space

Thank you to all our donors for making it possible!

Thanks to the generous donations to our capital campaign, Rebuilding Lives, the Women’s Recovery Center’s facility is positioned to serve a high demand for our services. The grand opening of our renovated building gives us the capacity to serve as many as 120 clients at once. We’ve reduced our wait times to 24 hours or less. On January 30, 2020, we celebrated the completion of our five-year capital campaign led by Dave and Lisa O’Brien and introduced our newly renovated building. The beautiful, newly renovated space contains two large group treatment rooms, two large meeting rooms, new office spaces for staff, a work-out facility, a child care area with a child-friendly bathroom, four huddle rooms, and a new welcoming waiting room for our clients.

Women's Recovery Center 03102021-96.jpg

 Our clients rely on our building as a welcoming space and tool essential to recovery. Our post-graduation 90-day success rate for client sobriety (52.6 percent) continues to improve. We’re confident the combination of our redesigned facility and new partnerships for housing, transportation, and employment will soon help two-thirds or more of our clients realize the 90-day mark for successful recoveries.

It is our goal to provide a safe and healthy place for the women that come to us seeking freedom from substance use disorder. We firmly believe that a strong, healthy, and empowering healing environment increases the chances of long-term sobriety for our clients. We know that, along with a newly renovated space with increased capacity to treat women and provide their children child care, we can further fulfill our mission of liberating lives, treating addiction, as we have since 1986.

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