Additional Information

Does Treatment Work?

First, research to date has conclusively established that treatment can be effective. Researchers have concluded that a longer term addiction treatment with individualized components has substantially improved outcomes.

Second, some clients have better prognoses at the start of treatment than others. The variables that suggest a better prognosis include:

  • low severity of dependence and psychiatric symptoms at admission

  • motivation beyond the pre-contemplation stage of change

  • being employed or self supporting

  • having family and social supports for sobriety

Third, some treatment variables have been reliably shown to produce better and more enduring outcomes. The treatment variables associated with better outcomes in rehabilitation include:

  • staying in treatment (at least outpatient treatment) longer and being more compliant with treatment

  • having an individual counselor or therapist and more counseling sessions during treatment

  • participating in voucher-based behavioral reinforcement interventions

  • participating in AA, CA or NA following treatment

  • having supplemental social services provided for adjunctive medical, psychiatric, and/or family problems