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Treating Addiction,

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We are dedicated to addressing the needs of women affected by substance use disorder and trauma.  Our team and intensive outpatient programming provide opportunities for women and their families to take control of their lives – physically, emotionally, and economically.


Treatment Program Overview

Phase I

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP)

Phase I is a four-week program, meeting three times weekly. The curriculum focuses on the disease concept, defense mechanisms used by addicts, denial, and greater understanding of the consequences caused by their use and behaviors.

Phase II

Relapse Prevention (OP)

Phase II is a five-week program, meeting twice weekly. The client creates a relapse prevention plan and gains knowledge, positive coping skills, and responsible and sober life management. In Phase II, clients are encouraged to participate in a five-week Parenting Class to prepare to be a clean and sober parent as the family engages in reunification

Phase III


Phase III is an eight-week program, meeting once per week. The focus is on building support networks for continued sobriety through self-discovery and journal writing.

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We Want You To Succeed 


“I hit Rock Bottom in an extremely hard and tough manner, but by doing so it allowed me to use those pieces of my life. I’m learning how to build those pieces into a solid foundation that will get stronger and stronger and help me to grow into not the person I was before, not the person I am now, but the person I truly want to be.”

– Former Client

“When we come into Recovery, we start off on a new path. Then, as addicts, we decide between two paths. Do we want to stay on the old path that seemed not just easy, but routine and comfortable? Or try to stay on this new path that
seems rocky, brand new, and we do not know where it may lead? Through my sober programs, I am determined to stay on my new rocky path, because it is teaching me to deal with myself as new and the world as new. With the strength we build and the tools we learn, we can learn to deal with anything head on and know that we will be okay and safe in the end.”

– Former Client 

“The IOP program is wonderful and I truly enjoy coming and look forward to it every single week. My counselor, Ms. Carol is sweet, caring, and encouraging and I am so incredibly happy that she is guiding me in my recovery. She, as well as everyone at the center, honestly wants to see every single one of us girls recover successful. I could not say anything better about this program and the employees there.“

– Former Client 

Get Involved with WRC

Are you interested in helping the Women’s Recovery Center?

We have opportunities for staffing, volunteering, joining the Board of Directors, and internships.


Reach Out

Tel: 216-651-1450

Fax: 216-651-4351

Address:  6209 Storer Avenue

                    Cleveland, OH 44102

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We recognize substance use disorder as a chronic illness that needs lifelong maintenance and we are grateful for every person we get to help. The women who enter the doors of the Women's Recovery Center are always treated with dignity & respect.

As a referral entity, we are engaging in a partnership with clients that you refer to us. We understand that you are invested in the success of each client and anticipate seeing results that include:


  • A commitment to sobriety

  • Planning for educational advancement

  • Economic self-sufficiency

  • Reunification of families

  • Reduction of the recidivism rates

  • Regular reporting and communication 

Referrals are welcome by anyone, even referring yourself!

Our Partnerships include:

  • LegalWorks (onsite legal help)

  • Ohio State Extension (nutrition classes)

  • Care Alliance (HIV education)

  • In Harmony Therapeutic Services (Music Therapy)

Our main referral partners include: ​

  • Department of Children and Family Services

  • Local Courts

  • Local Probation Departments

  • Other Treatment Agencies

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